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  [Aroid-l] Little black bugs eating Alocasias
From: agavestar at covad.net (Michael Mahan) on 2007.11.17 at 08:26:05(16706)
I use anywhere from 10% to 50% ZEP Orange to water, depending on what plant
I need to kill the buggers . I had a white fly infestation in the greenhouse
really bad, anything that had a leaf had white fly even the weeds , what
finally got them gone , was going in a week at a time & soaking every living
thing in the greenhouse with a 3 gallon pump up sprayer for 4 weeks (ya need
to break their life cycle ).I put about 3 inches of the ZEP in the bottom of
the sprayer the 1st time ,Quickly learned that was a mistake as it foams up
some , Then was using about 3 cups into the thing after filling it with WARM
water ,then soaking ALL parts of every plant . You'll quickly find the
plants with the ant nests as they will swarm out turning the upper parts of
the plant black as they try to escape the spray .. THIS is important you go back & soak everywhere around the nest as the queens will run to
another pot> (ants are what spread the mealies ) No need to use such a
strong % as you use, as I've found 10% in a hand sprayer kills ants just
fine. the times I used 50% was when I found a ant nest when watering & that
mix was in the kitchen at the time as it's really important to kill the nest
as soon as they swarm out by flooding the whole pot and surrounding area
with the ZEP

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