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  [Aroid-l] flowersforme123- another photo stealer
From: honeybunny442 at yahoo.com (Susan B) on 2008.01.09 at 14:23:03(16935)
my point is that you can, if you wish, place your photos in what is called the Public Domain, meaning anyone can use them. However, for those for whom commercial photography is their occupation, copyright protection is a must.
That is just great, in some cases. On my Acres of Aroids website, I've gotten photos of plants from other people (including Don, I think) and have credited the photos. I've never turned down anyone who wants to use my photos from that site.

However, in the flowersforme123 case, she is taking the photos I use to sell my bulbs, and using them to sell bulbs of her own. I like people to see the flowers I grow, and I went out and bought a very expensive camera (thinking I could take better photos, ha ha) for that purpose. And since I grow hundreds of plants, I take thousands and thousands of photos. This takes a lot of time and effort on my part, so I don't feel a competing seller should reap all the benefits from it!

After an online discussion with ebay, I downloaded a form, and then drove into town where I could fax it. Then I got another email, I had to look through each of her auctions, get the numbers, identify the photos in question, say why they were in question, provide links to my webstie. It is a big hassle.

But I'll do it again.

And.... if anyone wants my photos (not so great as they are) for non commercial purposes, feel free to contact me about using them. I'm not a total scrooge, as long as you're not taking money out of my wallet!

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