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  [Aroid-l] Cyrtosperma
From: pugturd at alltel.net (Brian Williams) on 2008.03.09 at 18:18:12(17138)
I have found that growing Cytrosperma can be quit different than other
aroids. The best results I have seen are using the following techniques.
Julius has recommended rocks in the bottom of the pots which does help
prevent the breakdown of the soil. I use a mix of sand and long fiber
moss. It holds water and air and does not break down fast. I have found
that in all situations were these plants were grown best they are
basically hydroponics systems of some form. Enid used water holding
containers with a air stone. Any aquatic system were the water is not
allowed to stagnate seems to work well. Flowing hydroponics systems seem
to work best from what I have seen. In a few greenhouses the simple
tray under the pot that holds a inch of water works well if not allowed
to dry out and water changes are frequent. Adding a aquarium heater to
any of these systems can keep the plants from dying during cooler temps
by heating the water up to 70f or more. You may get some leaf burn but
the plants roots and tubes will be protected. I find that when rot
occurs it is almost always from the cold water.

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