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  [Aroid-l] HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
From: sfhatheway at yahoo.com (Sheldon Hatheway) on 2008.04.10 at 04:43:29(17359)
Thom, don't throw away the corm!!! As long as it isn't rotten, you may be able to save it. I treat just about ALL infestationS of ANYTHING on ANYTHING with a dilute solution of BLUE DAWN dishwashing detergent (unscented) and water. I mix a small squirt (about 1/2 tsp) in a quart of room-temperature water. Soak the corm in this for as long as it takes to drown all the little critters. Then allow the corm to air dry before replanting. I use this concoction for everything -- watering, soil drenches, foliar sprays, etc. I even add my fertilizer to it. The soap will kill thrips, fungus gnat larvae, nematodes (some anyway) aphids, earwigs, sow bugs, spiders, spider mites, etc., etc., etc. It's not actually the soap that kills, it just breaks the surface tension of the water so the water sticks to all the little nasties and they DROWN DEAD!!! The soap is also a weak fertilizer and it even makes the leaves a little shinier! I have even used it safely
on aphid infestations on my carnivorous Drosera capensis (Cape Sundew). There may be some plants somewhere that will not tolerate this, but as yet, I have not met them.

If you cannot salvage yours, let me know. I can't send you one now because they're already up about a foot high and they don't like to be disturbed when growing, but when they go dormant this Fall, I can dig some up for you.

Good growing


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