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  [Aroid-l] Steve's pages ARE science
From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2008.04.24 at 11:40:20(17446)
Thanks Chad, Ted, Leland, Julius and all the rest who often help. When I first began this website almost 3 years ago I knew basically what all of us could find in non-scientific literature. But then I had the great opportunity to meet Tom Croat. After that meeting and a personal tour of the largest collection of section Pachyneurium Anthurium sp. on the face of the planet I began to order Dr. Croat's journals so I could try to educate myself about the wonderful world of aroids. About that time Julius began to send some notes to try to help me straighten out the kinks, and believe me, there were lots of kinks! And almost immediately at the same time Joep Moonen, Leland and too many people to name including Russ Hammer who edits just about every page began to send me their observations. Man, did I love that!

Rather than my trying to write the pages with little background in what I was trying to write I had an incredible resource of information become available. Dr. Croat was also incredibly kind to answer my crazy questions, sometimes late into the night as did Dr. Eduardo Gon?alves, Pete Boyce, Alistair Hay, Simon Mayo, Ron Kaufmann, Windy Aubrey and many, many others. I had the opportunity to learn "botany" from the best in the field, both scientists and growers just like us. And that is when the ExoticRainforest began to turn into what it is now becoming.

So, as much as I appreciate the notes here, I appreciate even more the help in making the information readable, understandable and as close as possible accurate with today's known science. I change something on one or more pages almost every day since I'm constantly learning something new. What an inexpensive but valuable education for me! Once again, thanks to all of you who help all the time. The ExoticRainforst isn't just my pages, I like to think of them as our pages. They are just my notes so I can go back again and again to refresh my memory! So thanks again to all of you who provide information and especially photographs!

Please keep the information coming and I promise I will update any page that needs to be "fixed" at any time. But one request! If any of you have the three Anthurium species I named earlier and you are willing to sell (and they match the scientific description), please send me a note!!!


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