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  [Aroid-l] Amorphophallus koratensis
From: ronmchatton at aol.com (ronmchatton at aol.com) on 2008.05.01 at 13:59:52(17515)
I grow them essentially like paeoniifolius. I've left them in the
potting soil while resting as well as out of the pot with success
either way. Mine are now flowering. I use a potting mix that's about
70% Fafard 3B (a really top quality, peat based mix), 15% added coarse
sponge rock and 15% of either fine fir bark used for orchids or a
product called Permatil but crushed rock might work as well. To this I
add Bone Meal, Blood Meal and a bit of lime. Here in Central Florida I
need a mix that holds moisture but drains very well. If we get a
normal summer (starting not to remember what they are like), I have to
deal with daily rains yet in a dry season I don't want to water every
day. I pot them up in March/April using pots that are at least 3 times
the diameter of the corm and put the corm about 2-3 inches below the
potting mix surface when I start to see signs of growth beginning and
water them thoroughly to set the mix. I pot very loosely and have
learned not to pack the mix. Mine get about 50% shade although I think
they would tolerate more light as well. Once I see signs of dormancy
in the fall, I move them so they are covered and protected from rain.
This species and konjac here in CF tend to rot if they are too wet late
in the growing season. Once dormant, I remove them from the pot, clean
them and stack them for winter storage. They over winter in the garage
which typically runs about normal house conditions.

Ron McHatton

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