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  [Aroid-l] Philodendrons produce infrared light???
From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2008.05.20 at 13:09:31(17590)
Since Saturday of this past week, Julius Boos, Leland Miyano, Christopher Rogers and I have been discussing the possibility (probability) that infrared may be involved in the process of thermogenesis and pollinator attractaction within aroids. It appears to us, and Christopher is the only trained scientist among us, this concept is very likely possible!

I personally find it interesting that I've not read of any research within the aroid community on this concept. With the help of all of these, as well as by doing some research on the IAS website and by reading information within Simon Mayo, J. Bogner, and Pete Boyce's great text on Araceae as well Dr. Croat's journals along with Deni Bown's book, I have prepared a response to the fellow in London who originally made the post on UBC asking if he had actually observed "infrared light" involved in the anthesis of his Philodendron bipennidifidum. Now is where I really need the input of all you honest to goodness aroid scientists out there on this forum!!

The University of British Colombia plant discussion website has been offline due to a server failure since Sunday. As a result, this has not been posted. I would very much like input from any of the world class aroid botanists who read this forum. Tell me if I have my facts right and if I got something wrong, what do I do to correct it? I'd personally really like to see this discussion continue on the Aroid l forum!

If this is possible, and it certainly appears it may be a part of thermogenesis as well as an attractant feature for the pollination of aroid species, I'd love to learn more. I'm not a scientist and what I've written is based solely on what I can read along with the input of Christopher, Julius and Leland. But if this idea has merit, it would certainly appear more research would be useful to our community.

Now, this is my post which will be made once the UBC server is back online. If you see errors or anything that needs to be addressed, please point it out! The post is addressed to the fellow who asked the original questions.

One point if I may addressed solely to the readers of this forum. I know a lot of people are relatively new on Aroid l since I often see new names asking questions or responding to ones posed by others. Our community is composed of people who have an interest in aroids and as such should have an interest in the International Aroid Society. I'm going to steal Julius' podium and suggest that if you have not taken the time to join IAS, please do so right now! The $20 per year you will spend will come back to you many more times than you realize! And if you are not using the IAS website to answer your own questions about aroids, you have missed one incredible source! Please consider joining right now!


Steve Lucas

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