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  [Aroid-l] tall Alocasia 'Calidora' with a "pseudotrunk"
From: botanist at malesiana.com (Peter Boyce) on 2008.06.25 at 21:19:16(17966)
A couple of small additions. Why is this structure being called a
pseudotrunk (derivided from pseudostem); this is a true stem (or 'trunk').
The 'pseudo' implies that the aerial 'stem' is formed from closely clasping
petiole bases and that the growth point (meristem) is buried away at ground
or below ground level (as in Dracunculus, Helicodicerous, many Arisaema,
etc.) that is not what happens when Alocasia and Xanthosoma begin to produce
erect stems long enough to become leaf-less.

Another snippet is that there is a new Alocasia from SW Thailand which
produces an erect and never decumbent trunk to 2 or more metres, very slim,
almost leafless except for a terminal tuft of 1 m petioles with lamina ca. 2
x 1 m


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