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  Re: [Aroid-l] Burle-Marx
From: brian lee <lbmkjm at yahoo.com> on 2014.08.31 at 21:32:39(23086)
Dear All,


I thought I would share a Roberto Burle Marx story that is probably not known. It illustrates Roberto's passion and zest for life and plants.

Roberto was a large and very strong physical presence, but, in his later years, his hips were wearing out. He eventually had to rely on crutches, and he really struggled to walk on his own. I remember on one trip, Roberto had found out that a large ranch with tracts of forests was
being clear cut for cattle production. He stayed in the cab of the truck and pointed to likely areas that looked promising to collect. We would then scramble over all the fallen logs and try to ignore all the masses of epiphytes burning in the tropical sun to find plants that were unique or different from all the rest. Then we would climb back down and return to show Roberto what we discovered. Everything we showed to him triggered similar responses of how marvelous this or that was. He was like a kid at Christmas. On one particular muddy slope that had a meandering opening through the jumble of logs, Roberto could not contain his enthusiasm any longer. He had to get out of the truck and see the area for himself. Roberto was much larger than I but, with the help of another friend, he wrapped his arms around us and we hauled him up the mountain with great
difficulty. Roberto was constantly apologizing to us for the hardship he brought upon us, but, he was having the time of his life. When we finally reached our destination, he was so grateful that he was able to see the plant we had all worked so hard to see. I have forgotten what that plant was, since there were so many, but, this story was about the journey.

Not long after this trip, Roberto had a hip replacement operation. I saw
him two weeks after this operation and he was so happy about the results, he started to jump up to test his newly strengthened anatomy. It was hard to keep him down to prevent a re-injury. That was how honest and passionate he was about life.





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