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  Amorph Konjac
From: Dana <dana at homecom.com> on 1998.06.18 at 15:59:59(2329)
Since we're on the subject of Amorphs, I've got a quick question or
two.. I've got a few tubers of A. Bulbifer which are all coming up
nicely, and a single larger tuber of A. Konjac which is doing much of
nothing. I dug it up about two weeks ago to see what the tuber was
doing, and it still appears to be dormant. Looks like the old tuber from
last year, which was still attatched to the side had gone soft and mushy
and came off in my hand as I was inspecting the tuber, but there was no
damage to the new tuber, which is still very firm. I had it in a 6"clay
pot with potting soil in it.. Is this the best way to keep it or should
I pull it and keep it dry until it sprouts? I want to make sure the
tuber doesn't rot. I overwintered it in a plastic baggie with a moist
paper towel in the bag along with it. When I pulled it out in the spring
it looked like it had started growing (the growing tip was nice and pink
and about 1" tall) but since then it's dried back to it's normal dormant
tip. Is it too much to hope for to get this puppy growing this summer?
Any suggestions? Thanks!

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