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  Re[2]: Tuber vs. Corm
From: alistair_hay at rbgsyd.gov.au on 1999.01.15 at 15:40:23(2902)
My 2 cents worth!!:

I agree with Wilbert on the whole.

No bulbs (storage in persistent leaf bases and/or scale leaves) in
Araceae known to me (Typhonodorum the nearest???).

Most common morphological terms were invented for the depauperate
flora of Europe. Even the most fundamental terms such as stem, leaf
and root, let alone corm/tuber/rhizome, do not always work as clear
cut categories in tropical plants.

Corm and tuber and rhizome intergrade in Araceae. I would think that
corm and tuber are at least sometimes interchangeable terms in say
Amorphophallus, and that tuber and rhizome are at least sometimes
interchangeable terms in say Colocasia. Alocasia produces corm-like

This is no help at all!

Rigorous definitions, when they are really needed, have to be
developed purposefully on a case by case (e.g. family by family or
genus by genus) basis (though that creates interesting problems if
structure needs to be codified in order to define the group). `Corm'
to an Iridaceae person is likely to be a different thing from corm to
an Araceae person. This doesn't necessarily matter.

Pronunciation is a free-for-all, but make it BEAUTIFUL to other
people. Most plant names are worth savouring - even Amorphophallus!

Alistair Hay

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