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  Re: Question re: Anthurium veitchii
From: Dennis Cathcart <tflora at gte.net> on 1999.02.03 at 21:44:29(2998)
Dear Mr. Kozminski:

The origin of the much discussed A. veitchii we are offering is the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. These are 'left over' plants from a
previous distribution. I was told by Dr. Dodson, on a recent visit to our nursery, that this plant is a result of the cross between a Colombian plant and a
Venezuelan one from the area of Angel Falls. He went on to say how they had been trying to find this plant throughout its range, without success. They had
been in Guyana or Surinam (I don't remember for sure) when on a stop in Caracas on the way back from an unsuccessful hunt, they learned of the ones at Angel

As to the price of $20, we are told that it is not out out of line. We ask those who think so to consider that we guarantee satisfaction or money back, we
pay shipping (on orders over $50) and even guarantee our plants against loss or damage by the carrier, as recently happened to Mr. Chen. We offer toll free
phone service and never deny a claim. These guarantees and services cost real money, which we pay as part of the cost of doing business. Maybe we should pay
people to take the plants? But, there would probably be those who would complain that we didn't pay enough!

As to the Alocasia odora being offered as a terrarium plant, it is recommended, like most other such plants, for use as a juvenile. Most popular 'terrarium
plants' will outgrow their enclosures, but are a great asset while they are in the right size range.

Thanks for the opportunity put in my two cents.

Dennis Cathcart

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