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  Re: Seed Germination
From: "Marge Talt" <mtalt at clark.net> on 1999.03.04 at 11:40:42(3097)
Well, Jason, I grow three of this genus, but have never tried to germinate
the seeds.

Did a bit of a hunt in my files of posts from Aroid-L and discovered that,
using fresh seed, they should germinate in a couple of weeks. I didn't
find any references to seed that may have been stored dry, but I imagine
that if it is viable, it should not take more than a few weeks to sprout.

One person said that a 24 hour soak wouldn't hurt and they put them in a
zip lock plastic bag with coarse peat at room temperature until they
germinate at which time he plants them in potting mix.

Another comment was that they did not need to be continually wet to
germinate. My reading of this was sitting in water.

Personally, I water all my seeds from the top...otherwise they'd never get
watered;-) But, I also top my seedpots with grit and water gently so the
stream doesn't dig holes in the mix.

What you're doing ought to work if the seed is viable. I would be patient
a bit if you don't get germination in a couple of weeks and the seed has
been stored dry...that can often cause things to slow up a bit.

Be interested to hear if they do germinate and how long it takes....


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