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  Re: Propagation by Leaf Cutting
From: "Alan Galloway" alan at unity.ncsu.edu> on 1999.09.14 at 15:14:54(3650)
On Sep 13, 10:55am, James W. Waddick wrote:
> Subject: Propagation by Leaf Cutting
> Dear All;
> Recalling the success in propagating some Amorphophallus from a
> leaf cutting, I wonder how common (or possible) this method of propagation
> is in aroids. Can one propagate Alocasia, Colocasia, Anthurium etc. ?
> Anyone ever attempt this or have success ?
> Curious to hear methods and successes as well as failures.
> In Amorphophallus the leaf is cut with a short or no petiole and
> the area between the petiole and the leaf blade is just covered in the soil
> medium. High humidity may result in the formation of bulbils. Sorry for
> vague details, but something seems to be going on here.
> Appreciate any related comments.

Jim W.

I've been doing some Aroid propagation experiments this year with almost
100 percent success.

I've had success with several species of Amorphophallus and Psuedodracontium.
And in a couple of weeks, may be able to add Caladium to the 'successful'

Unlike some others, I do not use the upper part of the leaf. I use only
the petiole. I cut into 3-4 inch sections and stick them in a mixture of
pinebark and perlite, then put them underneath a trash bag for 6 to 8
weeks. After that the part of the petiole cutting above the ground has
whithered, but a bulbil has formed underground.

One particular failure was with Synandrospadix...only tried one single
cutting. I doubt this would have worked as the petiole tissue was
quite 'airy'.


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