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  Re: *Long* administrivia (but please read it anyway!)
From: Robert Stewart <stewart at livingonline.com> on 1997.02.20 at 14:02:20(399)
This seems like a fairly sane overview of the whole thing. As far as I
am concerned let them archive anything they want. The whole copywrite
issue is much more complex than you make it out to be. If it is posted
what are you going to do; sue them. I think not; and what if it is
posted on a web site in New Guinea. Are you going to sue them in an
international court over this. All this makes little sense in any event,
if you are interested in what is posted on any of the lists than all you
need do is subscribe and download all the archives as well as the names
of all other members. Besides whats the point of archiving all this data
if it's not available to those who wish to use it. If I down lod it to a
hard drive and I'm on a local network do i have to block others from
access, and how do you propose to enforce that kind of thing. From a
privacy standpoint all this hardly matters;as you say if you are on the
web at all most anyone who wants to find you can, and even failing that
there is always the phone company. Frankly the biggest advantage I see
is being able to read postings on a topic without having to put up with
some of the list owners who are on private power trips.(this is not
directed at the Aroid list owners but some of the other listowners leave
a lot to be desired) I would waive any copyright to what I write but I
sincerely doubt that I have any right to waive. Tell them to go ahead
and mirror your archives I can't see that it makes much difference.
Bob Stewart Arrowhead Alpines

ps you can post this or keep it private it matter not to me

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