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  Re: *Long* administrivia (but please read it anyway!)
From: "Scott Vergara" <svergara at pacific.telebyte.com> on 1997.02.21 at 16:35:04(407)
Greetings Aroiders,

I would support archiving for all the reasons Wilbert, Robert and Rand have
mentioned plus an additional one. Aroiders & horticulturists in future
years (20-50+) will have a good historical snapshot of what was going on
back in the late 20th century. I have always found reading the
correspondence between horticulturists fascinating and informative. There
have been several books put together that are essentially just the letters
between two fanatic gardeners. Don't even want to touch the legal stuff
there ;-)

I vote for Aroid-l to establish an internal archive.

I too have copyright concerns, but unless a publication is at stake or huge
amounts of money, legal recourse is unlikely. I do not think that point or
the concern that someone bad will get your name and address should outweigh
the usefulness of an archive. Besides, your name and address and more is
already out there. I use a POBox in a neighboring town partly so the seeds
and plants don't sit out in the cold & rain and partly so I don't get
uninvited guests visiting my garden.

My 2 cents worth.

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