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  How to get your own Amorphophallus...........
From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2000.02.17 at 15:26:53(4103)

After two seasons of bad harvest, we managed to get quite some surprlus
material this time from the Amorphophallus research collection. You'll find
the list below (incl. some non-phalloid items). First a few policy remarks

- the list contains plant names, often followed by clone numbers. If you
want a particular clone of a species (because you already had another one
from an earlier distribution and want to play with the naughty bits to get
seed.....), please mention the clone number with the species name. If you
want a clone, any clone, don't indicate a number.

- of some species, a limited quantity of material is available (I'm not
gonna tell you which ones). Those of you, who have contributed to the
collection in past times by donating tubers, will be "rewarded" first when
the rare species are over-demanded. That's the way life is, folks!!!!! And,
yes, I have a FINE memory.......

- after subtracting the priority-orders, the remaining material will be
evenly distributed over the remaining orders in such a way that I hope to
get anybody at least something from their order when items run out. I hope
we succeed.

- the tubers will be sent with phytosanitary certificates.

- the tubers will be sent with the clone numbers, whether you requested a
particular clone or not. PLEASE, try to keep the clone number with your
plant on a label. There may come a time, when all of our collection freezes
over and I may have to ask your help to build it up again......(your WORST
nightmare, I know!).

- my paying policy hasn't changed, so here it is again. I am not asking
particular amounts of money for species, so rarity etc. doesn't matter. What
I ask you to pay, is what you yourself think the ordered plants are worth
for you, and please, DO include your own financial state-of-affairs in your
considerations. If you don't have much to spend, then don't. I'm happy that
you get these freaky plants. If you have plants to swap in return, that's
fine, I'll be waiting for the offer.......

- do NOT pay before you get your plants. Then decide if everything is o.k.
Subtract from the estimated amount the plants that were DOA (and please,
mention this to me).

- paying: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, NO cheques or anything like it (incl.
money orders or what not). I only accept cash in an envelope. I know, this
is not the most secure way, but the hassle I have with cashing cheques is
beyond your imagination. It also costs a damn lot of money to do it. As if
banks didn't have enough money. So, don't even consider to do it or ask me,
the answer is "no"!, ONLY cash. If you can transfer money to my
postal(giro)account without me having to pay half of the transfer costs,
then that is o.k. too. This all sounds a bit strong, but believe me, I have
enough work as it is to get the tubers to the right addresses.

My postal address:

Wilbert Hetterscheid

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