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  Re: A. titanum ???
From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.04.01 at 15:15:13(4305)
Dear Paul,

The following may be of help to you in determining what species you actually
The petioles of A. titanum are described by Wilbert Hetterscheid
as --petiole 1-ca. 5 m long (3-15+ft!!!)20-30 cm dia at the base, SMOOTH,
green or dark green with large oval to rounded, pale green spots. The
spadix of the inflorsence is basically a long, thinish conical structure,
tapering from thickist near it`s base to it`s tip, with no increase in size
or swelling in/near it`s middle. The spathe is a dark, bright purple with
pleats like a skirt that extend from it`s to it`s inner base outwards to
it`s edge.

In A. paeoniifolius the petiole is described as---petiole to ca. 2 m long
(+-6'), background color pale to dark green or blackish green, usually with
large and small blotches and numerous tiny dark dots, the large blotches
often confluent, especially near the base, SURFACE SHALLOWLY CORRUGATE TO
STRONGLY ECHINATE-VERRUCATE. In other words, the petiole is
generally/commonly NOT smooth in this species. The spadix also 'balloons'
out just above the male floral zone, then tapers quickly to it`s tip, lots
of deep vertical 'folds' occur in it`s circumference. The spathe varies in
color, being from pale green to dark brown, usually with large and small,
circular paler spots, inside basal area colored deep maroon, upper zone
dirty whitish or very pale pinkish.

The above should give you a guide to determining what species it is that was
given to you. Continue to try to speak with your friend on St. Croix to
detremine the source of her plants. There was a photo published in an
early 'Aroideana' that mis-identified a HUGE leaf of an A. paeoniifolius as
being that of a A. titanum, but this error was subsiquently corrected in a
later issue in the 'errata', and maybe this is the source of the possible
error in the I.D. of your plants??

Hope this helps,



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