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  Re: AMORPHOPHALLUS @ Fairchild Tropical Garden
From: "Bonaventure W Magrys" magrysbo at shu.edu> on 2000.04.26 at 22:12:15(4433)
The Royal Horticultural Society maintains an orchid hybrid registery, with
stringent rules. My own Arisaema hybrids have been strictly documented, closely
watched, and always immediately and permanently kept labeled. A cross, say
of A.
haematospadix with A. gigas will always have the same name for the grex,
it is remade in the future by someone else or with different clones (but
backcrosses of the hybrid to one of the parents must be named differently) or
whichever species is the seed bearing parent. The convention is A.(species A x
species B) on the label (that is A, the seed parent, by B, the pollen
donor). So
for example you may, if you choose to do so, in some centralized registry for
aroid hybrids, register Amorphophallus Bloody Giant [A.(gigas x
In this case pollen was donated by the haematospadix. My clone of course would
be A. Bloody Giant 'The Best' (note single quotation marks). The offspring will
be all individual clones with variability and any vegetative propagation of an
y will still carry the clonal name. Offspring of a self pollination would be
labeled as A. Bloody Giant ('The Best' x self) and can each be given individual
clonal names. Offspring of a sibling cross, eg. 'The Best' x 'FTG's
Super-vigorous' would still be considered of the same grex, that is
Amorphophallus Bloody Giant.

PS. Anyone out there have ideas for a name for Arisaema triphyllum (albescent
form used, not that it matters for naming) by nepenthoides (one seedling
growing); A.(triphyllum x taiwanensis); and Ellen, if they germinated,
A.(candidissimum x sikokianum)?

Bonaventure Magrys

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