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  Re: A. titanum
From: sue Zunino suez at northcoast.com> on 2000.07.24 at 21:14:01(5162)
Hi!, and thank you for the response. I hate to say it, I'm not sure who
this is because your email address doesn't look familiar to me, but I
appreciate your thought.

I think I 'may' have sent the photo you sent to the list when someone
was wanting to see parts of A. Titanum not so often seen in photos, but
if it wasn't one I contributed, I have seen this photo before. The
Pigmy photo I seem to be remembering may have been a photo (as someone
else mentioned) of an entirely different Amorphophallus, but I think I
saw it in a singular article affiliated with Dr. James R. Symon in
Sumatra, perhaps? It was a photo in the field. I hate it when the
memory starts going......it may have been an 'impression' from something
I saw who knows where......kind of like when you're really little and
everything seems WAY big to you when you're just learning about things.
This plant made that impression alright. At that time I had no idea any
plant could have 'one' huge leaf and stand so tall and be supported by a
'fleshy' petiole, and I hadn't even seen the bloom yet. I'm in and
amongst the Giant Sequoia Redwoods, and they have 'trunks' that are
woody and they sport MILLIONS of needles. The photo in question, and a
few others I just happened to run across after I accidentally found the
IAS main internet page about 4 years ago, was the beginning of my fall
for Aroids......and my house from Aroid weight. If I weren't slightly
held back by learned 'manners' and didn't make various 'efforts' to
refrain from begging for every Aroid I see, my house would have already
collapsed from weight. Fortunately I'm not financially endowed.
According to 'some', I should be thankful for my limitations........
they don't know what love is (a good example of upbringing as being one
of those laws meant to be broken). Anyway.....thank you for remembering
my request. Maybe someday we'll figure out where the photo was.

Much appreciation,

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