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  Re: Tropical forest dreams and nightmares
From: Neil Carroll zzamia at hargray.com> on 2001.05.01 at 21:36:07(6345)
OK Eduardo, so we have your extremely negative 'nightmare' and you
ellucidate all of the negatives. You even seem to have something against
human beings. Are we talking about people who need a place to live, food to
eat, and shelter over their heads....or just a bunch of plants as being
important. Yes, I know....no plants= no animals....but there is probably
enough plankton, seaweed and algae in the world to provide food and air for

So do you have any solutions or just a lot of griping. Really, let's hear
what you would have us all do about the rainforests of the world. Any
solution which attacks humans is no solution. Just because humans have
superior intellect over all other organisms on the planet does not mean that
they are not a part of the plan nor are they sepparable from nature.

RON, there are many ways to obtain plants from around the world including
the New World. Obtaining plants in spite of the obstacles is the fun part of
plant collecting.

We really don't speak much on this topic with this list because Aroids, for
the most part are not listed as endangered and are therefore not covered by
CITES. If you were an orchid, cactus or cycad officianado this "what to do
about the rainforest" discussion would be much more in the forefront of this

Don't forget folks......we love plants (aroids in particular) but MOST (by
far) of the people on the planet could care less. They are much more
concerned about feeding, clothing and sheltering their families. This is
what is important to humans........as it should be.


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