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  Re: Tropical forest dreams and nightmares
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.02 at 02:43:56(6351)
Thanks Neil!

It is darn difficult to get boring all the same Spaths but we press on
regardless and positively wondering often what the hell I am wasting my time
for instead of staying with great Music. They are classically beautiful
because of their simplicity which may be why they are so incredibly popular
as house plants so as to be produced in zillions by tissue labs. But try
and find a source of more than a few that you can buy a few plants of?
Ridiculous Species, the ones I had so many of, another challenge. But
by God I'll press on as then, and there are so many amazingly good people in
Aroid L for starters. It seemed a good idea to suggest collecting as teams,
dividing labour. Most of the stuff on lists I don't specialise in, others
who don't have the lists might like, and there is obviously a case for many
secure refuges if material is lost by any one of us.

Whatever happens I may go to Costa Rica and possibly Panama on one trip and
Thailand, Bali with Borneo on another. Would like to see York Meredith in
NSW and John Banta and Helen Kennedy again and Queensland. The Solomon
islands has S. solomonense but a long and astronomially expensive way to go
for one species!!!! It will take time to plan to be sure of what I'm
wondering for. CR has wonderful field stations and national parks and the
huge export of butterflies, tilapia, and flowers etc, etc is world famous.
Surely taking out plants etc should not be a real world problem though
recently I have had a few discouragers. I have spent countless hours
surfing good jungle places. Lonely Planet has a tremendous amount of
advice. Viet Nam is beautiful, Cambodia and Laos, iffy, Myanmar, no, no,
no like maybe Colombia, good place to get lost forever. Venezuela next to
Colombia safe and VERY different apparently. Who knows? Brazil, Manaos,
Iquitos billions of fish and plants exported through the entire Amazon
watershed. In the 80's even got plants sent from Leticia on the Colombian
border and the supreme tiny S, "Cali" ="Mini" came from that place in
Colombia. Amazonas safe for collecting? Border areas with Colombia
excepted. Earlier I was going to look at CR as a warm civilised unspoiled
Country to live in but then I wondered about New Mexico. Selling this
mansion would preserve a lot of primary rain forest. Dunno about touring
Belize, Panama, Yucatan, Mexico, iffy, and no, no for residence? My friends
spend wonderful winters in Chieng Mai and Bali but Indonesia, dunno, maybe
iffy though Kebun Raya Botanic Gardens is a must. Nice people. Singapore
Botanic Gardens contacts delightful and SO civilised. Kota Kinabalu, some
Phillipine Islands, Malaya and W Sri Lanka. So many question marks but
need advice from practical experience before decision times. I thought a
team effort of like minded people who really care about living things
including those in the IAS and other tropical, aquatic and entomological
groups might be good? Bird Watchers are a different Breed maybe? Whether
or not I get this Peace Lily thing off the ground is related but not yet
central. They were just the first plants I ever kept and revered.

After work burble ends. Thanks!

If anybuddy out there has the energy to exchange S. solomonense or whatever
for whatever, hurray!!! There are 90 Spath cultivars sadly most in US!

Dany Hervelle and Myles Challis will go bananas when they read that Adao
Pereira saw some many wonderful Marantas etc in CR!!!! I think it may be CR
first. Belize contacts don't answer. Many people who custom trips there
and its a small country.



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