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  Re: Help please...
From: Scott Hyndman hyndman at aroid.org> on 2001.05.05 at 19:48:35(6373)

Although the details are a bit sketchy, Dan's problem sounds very similar to
the same problem I experienced last summer as I was growing my large
Amorphophallus paeoniifolius in the 150 gallons (600 liters) pot that I use.
I nearly loved the plant to death. Although I am a trained and experienced
horticulturist, I couldn't resist over fertilizing the plant, especially
during the growth phase when I knew the new tuber was growing. The high
salts damage appeared exactly as Dan described, "The edges of the leaves on
my Amorphophallus are turning yellow then brown and crumbly."

If this is the case, the damage to the foliage is already done and is
irreparable for this season, unless the tuber is young and another leaf
could form depending upon the species in question. The root damage could
regenerate it's self as it did with my plant which yielded a 70 pound (33
kilogram) tuber that was healthy and is about to bloom now. However, the
foliage appeared as though the plant was about to die at any time.

If high soluble salts in the soil is the culprit, Dan needs to flush the
soil with plenty of salt-free (fertilizer-free) water, and then fertilize
with only a weak solution in a couple of weeks, followed by weak fertilizing
perhaps every other week.

There is some very good growing recommendations for Amorphophallus at
http://www.aroid.org/genera/amorphophallus/amcult.html and at
http://www.aroid.org/genera/amorphophallus/bonnculture/ .

Happy growing, Scott

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