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  Re: Tropical forest dreams and nightmares
From: Betsy Feuerstein ecuador at midsouth.rr.com> on 2001.05.16 at 15:12:52(6469)
>From what planet have you been looking down from? I know of NO country
that has large tracts of untouched jungles, rainforests, forests, in general.
Either the territory is so uninviting that man nor beast comes or it has
been molested royally. Yes, you can find the jungle. It may have few if
any of the first primal growth, but still old enough to have regenerated
to be of interest or it may be next to a bouldered stream and difficult
to get to or it may be beyond the edge of the road meaning some of us have
hours of trudging through, over, and on top of God knows what is under
us and if it will hold us, just to get to the illusive remaining jungle.
Even at the top of mountain ranges man has invaded for cattle ranges. Trees
are not considered a valuable assets, but a range for cattle, that is temporary
gold. Reality is, most of the world does not see the big picture and when
it comes to feeding the family, the bank account in the bank or under the
bed, there is a priority that most of the world holds near and dear. I
know of no road in Ecuador, my tramping grounds, that is untouched, because
once there is a road, either in construction or afterwards accessibility,
the process of destruction continues at a huge pace. I can remember when
we could go to one area of Ecuador and collect hundreds of Anth Peltigerum
in a very short time in the downed trees, but now the downed trees are
rotting obstacles and farms and to get to the forest is difficult and the
apples in our eyes are just not there to be found. Change...... that is
all there is, change. Either we adjust or we do not and we suffer. I choose
to not suffer and just know gratitude for the past days and hold a hope
that my grandkids will someday know the joys of walking in the forest,
temporate or tropical, and know the joy of that peace and that wonder.
It is all in how you look at it. You get suffering if you do not accept
some aspects of the change. You get joy in the perhaps lessor realms, if
you just stay in the moment and enjoy and appreciate and stay in that gratitude
of Grace.
Enjoy........ it is far more fun!
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