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  Re: Re: GA3 in seed germination
From: Ted.Held at hstna.com on 2001.05.29 at 13:23:31(6596)
The GA will precipitate out if you put in more than is soluble. The idea is
to target your one gram per liter, dissolve that in alcohol, and dilute
with water to make a liter. If GA is soluble at 1 gram per liter, it will
not precipitate at this level, alcohol or no alcohol. Merck reports GA as
"slightly soluble". This is not specific. But if literature suggests using
it at 1 gram per liter, it probably means that GA is soluble to this
extent. Using the alcohol route just speeds the dissolution process and
avoids the possible problem of some of your GA ending up on the container
sides, insoluble and not noticed, wasted. Potassium hydroxide (or sodium
hydroxide, or any number of other bases) will help things along. The
problem with these is achieving a nice, neutral pH. Hardly impossible, but
a pain for the basement or backyard gardener.

I am a chemist, though not a specialist in GA. But what I write is pretty
elementary chemistry.

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