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  Re: Amorphophallus hybridization
From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2001.06.22 at 03:16:46(6812)
Hola Jota!!,

Gracias for the kind words---

Friends, the plants we are discussing are too wonderful and rare to be
'messing' with, as Jay rightly says, lets try to put some lineage labels on
what we presently have before we are off creating hybrid 'monsters'. There
are several DIFFERENT collections of A titanum 'out there', some from
Wilbert and Jim`s collection from the famous and much-photographed
infructescence, but there were other EARLIER collections by Jim alone BEFORE
the Wilbert/Jim trip, and there are older plants in cultivation, some of
which have been propagated in Europe by tissue culture, so as Jay says we
should identify living plants from these earlier seeds/culture methods
perhaps Dewey can help w/ names of people he distributed the early seed to)
and collections, and perhaps start a record of who is being crossed with
what! (an Amorphophallus titanum stud book!)
On the 'crossing' of species thing, Discus fish (two species with five or
six sub-species) were were crossed to produce the brightly colored
'strains' we now see being sold (DR. Axlerod`s mini-ATLAS of freshwater
Aquarium fishes, pg. 97), "some of which probably originated by hybridizing
the natural subspecies and species"). He goes on the comment/lament that
it is impossible to put a meaningful scientific name on aquarium specimens
of Discus.

In MY stupid opinion, hybrids of anything are not as inherently beautiful as
the 'mother species' are/were, but huimans will continue to screw with
mother nature no matter what. The very least that we can do with Aroids is
to keep records of what we/you choose to screw with!


Cheers and good growing to all,


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