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  Re: why scientists don't just give up the names battle
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.07.09 at 17:04:57(7002)
Hi, Betsy & other Fangs!

Good to see that you are AWWWWWWWWL agreeing!
The first thing any Chinaman who visits here asks is wot's its name, and if
you are silly & not serious, they say, No, its REAL name I mean please!
Maybe you don't have that problem when you just keep anything you like?

You may not already know but I only keep (watch my lips)SPA-THI-PHY-LLUM. I
have to know what I'm growing for all the people who'll want to know what my
plants are & where they came from after I'm dead. Its a religious thing.
And do Ye know today I got news of more bastards with funny names that I
can't trace the parents of. Some are nearly fifty years old and they still
don't know who their parents were! Come on, folks, you'd like your
offsprings offsprings offspring to know what your real name was in fifty
years even if you'd changed it by deed poll several times, and even if some
people had nicknamed you "Fred". YOU know what your real names are but they
might not. VERY sad. Let the posh name with the nickname be on the
supermarket pot, then you can repot it and can call it what you like but for
Gawds sake don't let it breed. If you do, please don't start growing &
hybridising Peace Lilies, PLEASE! Over one hundred years of renaming then
propagating, renaming & even HYBRIDISING & renaming renaming and....
Aliases, aliases! Oh, oh, I faint! Please if you have any Spaths straight
from the wild, you know where they came from, not just seeds, then there's
only one perfect DNA identifiable place please....HERE.....Please? Please?
Please? Please? Please? Please?

Can I join in the fight or shall I be an unfair referee?

Ronny (alias Ron, Green Maverick, Devil's Advocate, Green Fog, Spath Cobra
ad inf)

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