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  Re: A Different Perspective
From: Betsy Feuerstein ecuador at midsouth.rr.com> on 2001.07.28 at 04:47:37(7175)
You know it is funny how what you say could mean either don't obtain that which
is being destroyed in situ or get it at all cost because it is going to be gone
in so few years. Think about that one and come to your own conclusions. You
just made an argument that could go both ways. Is there a right or wrong? As a
few have alluded to, this really is a power and control issue and really has so
very little relevance to the saving or destroying of habitats and species.
Perhaps when we see a bigger picture, like survival of ourselves, we will look
back and realize by saving what is, we by all rights, save ourselves, but it
just may be tooooo late. At that point fear of our own survival or that of our
offspring will take on a precedence that has true relevance to so many that the
power and control will be in the hands of those many who are in this day and
age ignored and not cared about. It may come down to saving ourselves before we
wake and see the bigger issue and let go of the old greed and control and
callous nature of humanity and come to a respect of all that lives and that is
on this planet. Does that sound philosophical? WEll, at some point, philosophy
is likely to play out in reality and then where will we be? Each of us, in our
own ways, wants the same thing. Tolerance and caring and sharing and helping
and being there to assist each aspect in the chain, will potentially enable the
chain to function and survival to result. Weak links, of which there are many
now, make the outlook bleak. I, for one, hope that we wake up and start working
together to not save individual plants, but those all along the chain from
human, to animal, to plants so that it all will be there, to share. Is that not
what we all hope for?

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