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  Re: Rhaphidophora Decursiva = Philodendron ?
From: Eduardo Gomes Goncalves <eggon at guarany.cpd.unb.br> on 1997.01.08 at 17:47:21(76)
On Tue, 7 Jan 1997, Todd Ruth wrote:

> They had a plant that was very similar in appearance to a Monstera
> Deliciosa, but the slits were deeper (almost all the way to the
> center) and there were no holes. Another difference was that the
> infructesence was a very pale blue, almost grey, and had a smaller
> diameter than I would have expected of a M Deliciosa of that size.
> I couldn't find a label, so I called today and asked for an id.
> I was told that it was a Rhaphidophora Decursiva and that they come
> from South East Asia. I immediately started looking for info on the
> web, but all I could find was a mention in the IAS pages that
> Rhaphidophora had been retired in favor of Philodendron (if I'm
> reading http://www.mobot.org/IAS/genframe.html right).
> Does anyone out there know the "latest and greatest" name for
> this plant?

Dear Todd,

Philodendron is a neotropical genus (occurs from Argentina to Mexico) and
have basal female flowers, fertile male flowers (apical) and sterile male
flowers (intermediate) on its spadix. Despite of the resemblance of their
growth forms, Raphidophora is a Southern-Asian genus (I think it occurs
along India, Java, New Guinea, etc) and have only bisexual flowers on its
spadix. They are quite different to be synonimyzed! I'm not sure if
_Raphidophora decursiva_(Roxb.)Schott is still valid, but I think it is.
Peter Boyce has been working with epyphitic vines from the paleotropics
and I suppose he can help us.

Best Wishes,


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