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  Re: Extinction and Loss of Habitat
From: Eric_L_._Schmidt/LEU/CYS/Orlando at priv.ci.orlando.fl.us.ci.orlando.fl.us on 2001.11.07 at 21:20:13(7775)
Man's greed and short sightedness is causing major habitat disruption
across the globe and is causing the biggest era of extinctions since the
late Cretaceous Period. If not for the infamous asteroid slamming the
Earth, dinosaurs would still be roaming. That is unless one or more species
developed an intelligence in the 65 million years since the extinction and
raped the earth as man is doing now.

Dinosaurs were an extremely adaptable animals as a whole. They did not die
out because they were an "evolutionary dead-end". It is possible that there
are dinosaurs who could have survived the cataclysm still alive today; in
the jungles of equatorial Africa, South America, and the oceans. If so then
they are even more successful than ever thought. It is a controversial
subject but then look at the coelacanth. A fish that supposedly died out
around 100 million years ago but found alive in several Indian Ocean

there are plants like that too; Cycads, Metasequoia, Ginkgo, Wollemi Pine
and the tree (can't remember the exact name) in the Proteaceae Family that
was discovered still alive in Australia after only being known from

Eric Schmidt

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