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  Re: Plants The sixth sense
From: Neil Carroll zzamia at hargray.com> on 2002.02.02 at 16:24:38(8135)
THis time factor seems to be tripping us up in this thread. Evolution or
Natural Selection takes place over a very long time (in earth terms). Lets
take an average orchid time from seed to flower....say aprox 5years for a
fast one and about 9 or 10 years for the very slowest................

In 100 years you would have a possible ten generations.
In 1000 years 100 generations
In1,000,000 years 100,000 generations.

THat's a lot of generations but,
1 million years is still not a very long time.

Man is estimated to have been on earth many millions of years.

Still this is not a very long time. Plants have a lot of patience since they
have nothing to think about.

Plants have no nervous system, their environments cause them to live or die.
If they are equipted to live they live and procreate, if they are not
equiped to live they die and they do not procreate.

Whether we believe in natural selection or not.....plants and animals have
no choice but to die if they are not able to survive. The plants and animals
that are able to survive, reproduce and pass on their traits to their
offspring. Plants that do not survive do not pass on their traits because
they cannot produce offspring when they are dead.

Again, time alows for many 'experiments', mutations, combinations and
permutations. Mutations, stabilized hybrid swarms, and isolation (islands,
teypuis, mountain tops etc.) might help skip a few evolutionary steps, but
the off spring still must survive the rigors of their
environment......without the aid of a nervous system.

For all but a very small number of higher primates, the plants and animals
of the world are at the mercy of their envirnoments. And that environment
will chose which plant and animal individuals will survive.

there is nothing but compitition on this planet.


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