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  Scale on Anthuriums
From: Adam Black epiphyte1 at earthlink.net> on 2002.05.17 at 03:47:37(8821)
A day after discussing with my wife how we have been lucky to have never
had any serious problems with pests in our ever-growing collection of
plants, I found leaf scale all over one of my Anthurium clairnervium.
These things must multiply exponentially in a short period of time, as I
figured I would have noticed them before it became as bad as it is
currently.They are all over the plant's leaves and petioles. I consider
myself lucky in that the affected plant is on my desk at work, 18 miles
away from my home and greenhouse containing all my more treasued Aroids.
Until now, I have never needed to treat plants with insecticide, and I
was curious what other list members would recommend for sucessful
treatment of scale on an Anthurium.

Aside from what insecticides work best, I would be curious to know if
different species of leaf scale are host specific to the genera of
plants they feed on.. I ask because up until now I had a small
Philodendron williamsii sitting right next to the affected Anthurium,
with leaves touching. I searched the entire plant over, and could not
find one scale on the Philodendron. Nothing on any of my other aroids
and non-aroids in the office either.

Thanks for any replies on solutions to this probem. I am thankful that
the affected plant is isolated from my main collection, and I can't
imagine what it would be like to have a problem like this spread in my
greenhouse. I am definately going to get more serious with putting new
aquisitions in quarantine prior to mixing them with my other valuables.

Adam Black

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