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  Re: Large leaved colocasias/alocasias/xanthosomas
From: eduardo gomes goncalves <eggon at guarany.cpd.unb.br> on 1997.07.02 at 20:53:12(909)
On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Clarence Hester wrote:

> Steve-
> If the leaves on the plants at the Tulsa Parks department are sagittate
> and *very*
> large, it sounds more like Xanthosoma violacea than Colocasia
> fontanesii. Some distinguishing differences are that Colocasia
> fontanesii spreads by runners, in my experince usually eminating in four
> symmetrical directions. Xanthosoma violacea puts off "babies" closely
> congregated around the main trunk. The inflorescence
> of Colocasia f. is orange in color, and gives off an intermiitent
> fragrance that smells like baked yams. It flowers very frequently, even
> here in N.C. The flower on Xanthosoma violacea I have not seen, but I
> think it would be white or off-white. The large green Xanthosoma,
> identical to Xan. violacea except for the stem color, has a huge white
> bloom that is night-fragrant and smells like violets (in my olfactory
> opinion). Finally, the leaves of Xanthosoma get *much* larger, for
> example , than the leaves of Colocasia esculenta, while the leaves of
> Colocasia fontanesii are a grade or two smaller than Colocasia
> esculenta, in my experience. (As an aside, Colocasia f. can be grown
> aqautically; I don't think this would be possible with Xanthosoma).
> (...)

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