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  Re: [aroid-l] O/T Cyclanthaceae ID
From: Jonathan Ertelt jonathan.ertelt at vanderbilt.edu> on 2002.10.11 at 16:12:46(9518)
>Off topic question:
>I was at my local garden center a few weeks ago seeing if they had
>anything unusual in. I was glad I did. I was passing by the three gallon
>pot section that have the usual Ficus and palm varieties, miscellaneous
>Spathiphyllum cultivars, etc, and a pair of plants caught my eye. At
>first, I though they were the palm Chamaedorea metallica, but they
>looked different. Upon bending over for closer inspection, the structure
>of the stem and dried up inflorescense revealed it wasn't a palm, and
>eventually it came to me that this was a member of the Cyclanthaceae
>family. I had always been fascinated with these plants as much as I am
>with certain types of Aroids, and never expected to have one available
>for purchase, especially at this place! According to the tag, the name
>given to the three foot high plant was simply "Jungle Drum $24.99". I
>would be very interested in figuring out the proper name of this
>species, and if anyone is familiar with this group of plants, I can
>email a photo for possible ID. The nursery was of no help in tracking
>down where it came from, and when I returned to purchase the other one,
>someone had already snatched it up. If anyone has any ideas of the
>species of this "Jungle Drum", please let me know off list. Also, if
>anyone has any members of this family available, please let me know. By
>the way, are members of Cyclanthaceae called "Cyclanthids, Cyclanthiads,
>Cyclanthoids, or what?

Generally, I refer to them, and have heard them referred to, as simply
Cyclanths, recognizing that this is a simple shortening of the family name
to a nickname, essentially. More officially, the common name for the family
is the Cyclanthus family.
I also would be most interested in any illumination on what this "jungle
drum" plant could be - mistaken for a Chamaedorea metallica would indicate
to me that it wasn't outrageously large - a three foot tall stiff-stemmed
Cyclanth that has already bloomed is pretty impressive. Please either keep
this on the list as an OT thread, or Adam, keep me informed. Thanks.


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