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  Re: Fw: [aroid-l] New Colocasia
From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2003.01.11 at 22:22:02(9816)
Dear Chandrit and all Friends,

I do not know of a name for this very attractive cultivar, thanks Chanrit!!.
In looking at the photo again, and re-checking the page of Colocasia
cultivars sent by Dr.James Waddick, to me it bears a resemblance to the
photo of C. esculenta 'Fontanesii" at Winterberry Farms plant list., except
for the upward habit of the three leafblade tips on Chandrit`s plant. One
can ponder that Chandrit`s plant is probably a selection/cultivar of C.
esculenta "Fontanesii'
What we should keep in mind is the apparent great diversity of form in the
species Colocasia esculenta, there will be hundreds if not THOUSANDS of
cultivars 'out there', some w/ local names, some without, VERY few w/ any
recognisable and/or REGISTERED cultivar name. This species is said to
'evolve' and modify itself in cultivation (with the help of man who selects
new and different 'cultivars' from the established crop) in a short space of
time. Taking the Colocasias of Hawaii as a case in point, we must assume
that the early canoe-ocean arrivals brought with them just a few cultivars
of this plant (taro), yet in just a relative short space of time (just
thousands of years) when a count was done recently, there were over 200
recognised and named cultivars on these Islands! We discussed this some
time ago, that cultivated and some wild Aroids can 'evolve' vegetatively
literally from 'mother' plant to 'sucker' or proagule! Get a plant of
what is sold as Xanthosoma (who-knows-what sp.) cv. or var.'monstrosum' (the
all-green one w/ the 'frills' under the leaf blade), you can soon have a
collection of very different looking plants, as many of the
off-shoots/suckers/propagulas will be quite different in leaf-shape from the
parent plant.

Good Growing,

Julius Boos

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