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  Aroideana vs. Newsletter - food for thought
From: ecuador10 at comcast.net (Betsy Feuerstein) on 2007.12.07 at 16:45:09(16778)
Perhaps it is for the general membership to realize that the Newsletter has become so much better and fun to read that it is OK for Aroideana to be taxonomic rather than cover both sides of the fence. I feel certain Carla, the Newsletter editor, would be delighted with offers of articles from the membership and just maybe, this is the place for little articles on more interests by amateurs to be established. I complained for a long time about the only technical aspect of Aroideana but just maybe we can be OK with it all since the Newsletter has become so much better. One could suggest that we have only one project by combining the two, but I personally like getting the Newsletter more often. Now, it may become a financial situation to contend with and that would leave an option open for less cost with one publication and one mailing per year. This is a good reason for individuals to pay their dues because we do get in a timely manner, the publications these days. I can remember when all was years behind and
some gave up on the cause, but now, that is not an excuse. I know the holidays are here and paying dues is not what one wants to hear, but maybe come the first of the year, some of those who do reep the benefit of Aroid-l and shows and such will find a way to pay the dues for 2008. Think about it. We have some very dedicated individuals who do a really good job working on our behalf these days. Let's us do our part by making sure our dues are paid. Of course, if we want more subjects and our amateur members have knowledge, it is going to take those individuals to step up to the plate and offer their expertise in comments and articles so the rest of us can become more informed. It would seem to me that the Newsletter would be great place to get one's feet wet by writing on some subject that interests you. Or even to propose a question for others to answer.... even a shorter forum and less frightening. Start by letting it be known what you want and then by participating when it all gets going.


From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org (Tom Croat) on 2007.12.07 at 20:34:13(16782)
Dear Betsy:

This is a nice response! Thank you for replying. Remember
that Derek is proposing that Aroideana be published several times a year
and in color so it really would be very different from the existing
item. It is true that it might not be conducive to encouraging new
writers to submit but hell, we have had no success up to now (more than
20 years of trying) in getting people to submit articles despite the
form of publication.


From: ecuador10 at comcast.net (Betsy Feuerstein) on 2007.12.07 at 23:17:36(16784)
Tom, I think all of us would like what Derek proposes but I highly doubt that IAS is in any such financial shape to publish more often and to use color pictures. It all sounds great and I am sure all of us would love it, but with falling membership and the high cost of publishing along with the falling dollar, I highly doubt this will happen any time in the near future. Perhaps it better to improve what is and explore areas where more can be done with less or no more. The issue of more to publish certainly is one that presents major challenges. I would think????? that it would be easier to get people to participate in the Newsletter than in Aroideana. I also suspect that an effort similar to Aroid-l format with a question and comeback from membership in response to the question. One web based group I participate in uses a question of the week and while often it is not of great interest to me, many seem to be participating and good information seems to be coming out. Some aspect of that might be possible with
the question in the Newsletter and the responses published in the future as they come in. Just an idea. Perhaps others can come up with options that might be better or different.

Just my opinion............... Betsy

From: harrywitmore at witmore.net (Harry Witmore) on 2007.12.08 at 18:36:21(16788)
While I think I let my membership lapse, BAD ME, I still read all these post
and enjoy them. One alternative to sending everyone that is a member is to
allow them to select whether they would like to receive it by snail mail or
receive a copy via email. If the publication was published as a PDF this
would allow for color to those that would like to download it. Just a

I started a website years ago hoping to get participation from any who would
like to contribute. I got almost no response. Seem most people do not have
time. Informal types of collaboration such as this list or forums seem to
work best.

Harry Witmore

From: exotics at hawaii.rr.com (Windy Aubrey) on 2007.12.10 at 18:53:11(16800)
Wow, maybe I am like others. As an amateur I have been too shy to contribute to the Aroideana or the IAS Newsletter. I even hesitated sending this.

I take on the Aroideana as an educational tool, and something that I am always reading, and re-reading. At first when I subscribed, most of the scientific and technical articles in the Aroideana were 'mumbo jumbo' and hard to understand but, amazingly, as my interest grew I appreciated these articles and absorbed more of their information.
I also enjoy the Newsletter as a 'fun read'. Dr. Tom's field experiences are the best! I would be bummed (sad) if either publication were ever eliminated.

Please understand, I am more of a 'practical grower' than a technical or scientific person.
I do enjoy sharing what I have learned to produce a thriving plant. I have had many 'educators' over the past 30 years and have always appreciated their advise and knowledge, as well as practical methods I've learned through 'hand's-on' growing.

I am more than willing to contribute to the IAS what I have learned along the way, and look forward to other's experiences.

No matter how long you have been involved with Aroids, we can all continue to learn from each other.

I will commit to contributing some of my growing experiences to the IAS Newsletter, and hope others will take on this challenge too. I will send Carla an article.

Betsy, you have so many travel experiences, and knowledge to share. I would love to read an article by you.


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