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  sources.......variegated M.deliciosa?
From: Kyle Baker <kylefletcherbaker at yahoo.com> on 2012.02.04 at 11:29:07(22547)
well the latest thing to cross my feebler mind is a need to grow variegated philo's and the elusive Monstera deliciosa is one that has teased me in both waking and unconscious thought...I've searched....e-bay $45 for god knows what...glasshouseworks $200...and I never was impressed with them...so I'm turning to the group...I'm not looking for a specimen plant, just a wee twig with a root on it to grow and enjoy by myself in my own little corner of the planet....any ideas as to where to get one?

Mr. Kyle Fletcher Baker, MCN Maine Zone 5




From: The Silent Seed <santoury at aol.com> on 2012.02.04 at 18:45:59(22548)
I have some - hit me up. Jude

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From: hermine <hermine at endangeredspecies.com> on 2012.02.04 at 19:13:19(22550)
At 03:29 AM 2/4/2012, Kyle Baker wrote:
>well the latest thing to cross my feebler mind is a need to grow
>variegated philo's and the elusive Monstera deliciosa is one that
>has teased me in both waking and unconscious thought...I've
>searched....e-bay $45 for god knows what...glasshouseworks
>$200...and I never was impressed with them..

When I was a child folks grew these things in their Brooklyn
apartments, which were steam heated and did not have all that much
light. these plants came from nurseries in nearby New Jersey like
Roehrs and Mandas, and were sold in five and dime stores and local
florist shops and some of them persisted for YEARS in a charming
juvenile state. Paul Hutchinson of Tropic World told me it was not
worth his time to grow variegate Monstera because folks were always
giving it to each other. I notice on eBay a great deal of
advantage-taking of people who do not live where some plants can be
bought locally for chump change, well, they are being offered for
humongous sums of money, and as a one time mail order rare plant
seller, it maketh my blood to boil.

ALSO i want to mention that even here in California where i have
greenhouses, i have some favourite plants in the almost windowless
kitchen, under a squiggly screw-in fluorescent light, because I WANT
TO SEE THEM and they do just fine.

what are the hard-to-get plants being discussed here? I mean, if
possible I can get them at the local Home Depot and mail them to you.
Our local Home Depot is very rich in some plants which by mail order
are exceedingly costly. one wonders from what magic source they come.
and sometimes, one knows.


From: Zanezirklejr at aol.com on 2012.02.05 at 17:54:13(22552)
Ebay has them, I got mine in hawaii for $40. Very good seller.

In a message dated 2/4/2012 1:31:14 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, kylefletcherbaker@yahoo.com writes:



From: Sheldon Hatheway <sfhatheway at yahoo.com> on 2012.02.07 at 07:44:27(22555)
Hello, Mr. Baker!!

I just happen to have a variegated Monstera deliciosa growing in the ground in my greenhouse. It has two stems. The taller of the two is only slightly variegated, but grows better. The shorter stem (about 2' and half a dozen leaves) long shows much better variegation, but doesn't grow nearly as vigorously as the greener stem. The leaves are split, but have not yet assumed the mature form with the 2' wide leaves, rough petioles, thick stems, short internodes, etc. My regular Monsteras are a little over 40 years old and have had their mature form for more than 30 of those. The variegated stem has aerial roots, but none have reached the ground yet to form regular roots. I would be happy to send you a cutting for
the cost of postage, but it won't be safe to ship until Spring or early Summer. That would also give me time to get some real roots on it.

Let me know if you're still interested.

Sheldon Hatheway



From: lrule at sprint.blackberry.net on 2012.02.07 at 19:55:41(22557)
You are looking for the large-leaved Monstera deliciosa, and not the var bo rsigiana, right?


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From: The Silent Seed <santoury at aol.com> on 2012.02.07 at 20:04:09(22558)
I have variegated Monstera for anyone who wants to trade.

Thanks, Jude



From: Kyle Baker <kylefletcherbaker at yahoo.com> on 2012.02.08 at 08:27:17(22560)
cue music.......

Hey Jude,

Thanx for the post... what once was lost now is found, it seems that once you ask the question, the answer is before you. I've had several folks who have offered up a small bit of what they have so not wanting to seem greedy or rude, I'm going to ask what variety each person has, Yes I'd like two or three varieties if possible, not I don't want to offend anyone. There is Monstera 'Constellation', another white variegated form and a yellow form supposedly. I greatly appreciate your generosity and can and shall pay for shipping, , just don't send anything until end of April and when I have the whole of the offers sorted out, I care to have no unnecessary
plant hacking upon my conscience.....

Have a wonderful day, I apologize for lateness in getting back to you...I just found your post

Mr. Kyle Fletcher Baker, MCN
Maine Zone 5



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