IAS Show and Sale 2008

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Tubers and plants imported from Thailand for the show - Amorphophallus, Aglaonema, and more.
Tricia Frank ( right ) is the engine behind putting on the show and sale.
The members sale tables are piled high with plants from all over Florida - including some beautiful Caladiums and Anthuriums from Denis Rotolante's Silver Krome Gardens.
Our new president Ron Weeks talks to Enid Offolter of Natural Selections Exotics about a beautiful and rare Philodendron gigas.
Steve Lucas speaks with Tom Croat's assistant Emily Colletti from Missouri Botanical Garden.
In addition to their large and varied outdoor collection, Fairchild keeps many ultra-tropical species under glass.
Including this very strange aroid.
And an absolutely gorgeous specimen of Philodendron billetiae.
The back room at the greenhouse is packed with even more plants.
... and a few souvenier newspaper clippings.
The public displays have large and well grown plants.
But, back to the Show & Sale...

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