IAS Show and Sale 2008

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Monstera dubia showing how the small shingler can turn into a bigger and much different plant.
Alocaisa watsoniana can get absolutely huge leaves in the right conditions. This one was part of the show display.
Andrew Schrimsher, Don Bittel and John Banta discussing some Thai aroids.
A specimen of Pycnospatha arietina in flower that was donated to the auction.
A huge specimen of Anthurium moonenii that won best in show.
Andrew Schrimsher flew in with his family from Seattle and returned home with a huge box of plants.
Plants arriving from Ecuagenera in Ecuador.
John Banta - spent some time at the show organizing a project to determine pollen longevity under different storage conditions. This could be a great help to breeders in the future.
These Caladiums from Silver Krome Gardens understandably sold fast. Many of the new Thai varieties do not go dormant after the summer season.
Cyrtosperma cuspidispathum grown and flowered by Steve and Marie Nock at Ree Gardens. The infloresence stands 7 feet tall.
Rhaphidophora cryptantha at the vendor table of Palm Hammock Orchid Estate.
Lester Kallus helps to document the show.

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