IAS Show and Sale 2008

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The Fairchild Tropical Garden's pond - just outside the show building.
What a place for an Aroid show!
These giant Alocasias were brought in by Redlands Nursery.
Board member Dr. Ron Kaufman from Southern California assisted with the Ecuagenera booth this year.
John Banta
Detail of the leaf of Alocasia "Borneo Giant" which towered above the photographer.
A very red form of Anthurium offered at Palm Hammock Orchid Estate.
By the second day of the show, the tables were noticeably more barren.
Several aroiders took a little field trip to see Denis Rotolante's 5 acre operation. He grows these plants for the landscape and interiorscape markets, and luckily for us he is a certified Aroid nut.
Dr. Tom Croat and Dr. Marc Gibernau discuss a particularly nice specimen of Anthurium longifolium.
These benches of Philodendron "Moonlight" give some idea of the scale of the operation.
Dr. Croat examines an Anthurium radicans cross.

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