IAS Show and Sale 2008

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Dr. Marc Gibernau was flown in from France to give our featured talk about Aroid Pollination on Sunday night. It was entertaining and informative, touching on many genera and phenomena.
Dr. Croat with Philodendron :"Big Bill"
The flowering Anthurium andreanum crosses take up an entire greenhouse at Silver Krome. Next to them are Anthurium veitchii from tissue culture.
This Anthurium vittariifolium selection has mildly variegated leaves when young and a heavily spotted spathe.
Denis Rotolante and Dr. Croat examine another huge anthurium.
Denis, Dr. Croat and Dr. Gibernau discuss the naming of an undescribed Anthurium.
This is surely not Anthurium corrugatum, but it's not quite certain what it is. Dr. Croat collected some herbarium specimens of the leaves to aid in its description.
More indoor plants - the Epipremnum aureum hanging in the background is the most popular indoor plant in the world ... and probably the most durable. And it's an Aroid.
Hobbyists, Growers and Academics alike head back to their cars. From right to left, Dan Levin, Barry Schwartz, Emily Colletti, Dr. Tom Croat and Denis Rotolante.
Barry Schwartz and the living type specimen of an Anthurium species hanging in the background.
Some of the more adventurous plants Denis is experimenting with.
A huge specimen of Anthurium vittariifolium.

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