IAS Show and Sale 2008

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The show is ready to open - an empty room transformed into an Aroid paradise.
Most of these huge show plants were trucked in from Bill and Denis Rotolante and Ron Weeks.
Christopher Rogers and Dan Levin flew in from California.
Some people wasted no time in loading up a cart of carefully chosen purchases.
New T-shirts this year - available only at the show.
Although aroids were the theme of the day, some vendors brought in other interesting species like this caudex forming impatiens.
The plants from Ecuagenera draw attention from many folks - they always have something a little different and new at the show.
Steve Lucas flew in with his family from Arkansas to badger all of us about the exact histories of some plants, and to bid at the auction.
Tricia Frank working the registers. She takes care of almost every aspect of making the show happen.
World famous Aroid researcher Dr. Tom Croat flew in with Emily Colletti from MOBOT. They brought an awful lot of cuttings and divisions of really rare plants with them to be sold on the members tables.
Palm Hammock Orchid Estate offered many forms of shingling aroids.
These truly huge specimen aroids make up the bulk of the show material, but there were some very small plants as well.

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